GIMP IFF plugin


This plugin enables GIMP to Load and Save IFF-ILBM files, which are popular in the Amiga computer ecosystem.

This is a fork of the IFF-ILBM GIMP plugin by Johannes Teveßen.

IFFILBM is an image file format that was popular on the Amiga series of epic home computers.

It was forked by Emil Brink since Mr Teveßen seems to have stopped maintaining it, and the most recent version available didn’t build against current versions of GIMP (this was created in early 2012, using GIMP 2.6.11). It was compiled for Windows by Dimitris Panokostas and made available here.

The first forked version was numbered 0.9.9. The current version is 0.9.12.




  • A Windows installation 🙂
  • GIMP 2.8 or higher (tested with 2.8 and 2.9)


  1. Extract the ZIP archive
  2. Place the file “gimpilbm.exe” contained there in your GIMP “plug-ins” folder (for example “%APPDATA%\GIMP\2.8\plug-ins” or alternatively “C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins”)
  3. If all goes well, it should be listed under the Plugin Browser option in GIMP (found in the Help menu). Search for IFF and you should see two entries (one for Load and one for Save operations).


CHANGES 0.10.1

  • Fix bug that actually caused all saved images to be “slightly” corrupt, by having malformed BODY-type chunks.

CHANGES 0.9.12

  • Fix bug that prevented images with mask to load properly. Instead you got the left half, with the right one blank.

CHANGES 0.9.11

  • Fix bug that broke writing the CAMG chunk, it was given the wrong size which resulted in the file being corrupt.

CHANGES 0.9.10

  • Change date written in the ANNO chunk, it was left at 2002.
  • Updated date shown in the GIMP’s plug-in browser. Not very maintainable but required.
  • Corrected Mr Teveßen’s name in the plug-in browser, had incorrectly-encoded ß.
  • Added the skeleton for an IFF/ILBM parser tool written in Python.


  • Modified to compile using current versions of GIMP.
  • Changed a lot of coding style things to make it suit me better. Might be considered rude, but I had serious trouble working in the original style and really wanted to have this working.
  • Rely on gimptool for building.
  • Removed use of autoconf/automake, I consider those to be gross overkill for a project of this size and complexity.
  • Added code to detect when the colors look 12-bit, and automatically “smear” them into proper 24-bit colors. This helps retain the intended saturation, but will mis-represent images where all colors where really intended to be 12-bit. The smearing is only done if all colors are “0xR0G0B0”.