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MusicBee Subsonic plugin

MusicBeeMusicBee is one of my favorite music managers/players on Windows, now that Winamp is dead. Since I also use Subsonic to host and stream my media collection from home, having a way to make both work together was an obvious target.

Subsonic is a server application that allows you to access your media files from any location with Internet access. You host your own files on your own hardware, having complete control over the service. No third-party accounts, no cloud services required. Also, it’s open source and free.

This plugin enables MusicBee to access your Subsonic installation and play back your music.


Changes from v2.10:

  • Added status bar messages, while scanning folders from the remote server.


  • Added support for LibreSonic REST API responses (uses a different Namespace in the response content)


  • Minor change to lower the API requirement for Ampache installations.
  • The minimum Subsonic API is now 1.11.

v2.8 beta

  • Added support for alternative authentication method (Hex encoded password). This should allow LDAP authentication with LibreSonic servers.
  • Internal optimizations for better handling of user settings.


Improvements and bugfixes in this release:

  • Will now notify the user if a "ping" response from the Subsonic server is not successful, and allow the option to save the settings anyway, instead of silently reverting to the last saved ones. Fixes Issue #7


  • MusicBee (tested with v2.5 and 3.0) – get it from
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 – delivered through Windows Update automatically
  • A Subsonic server (tested with v5.x and 6.x) – more information at


  • Download the latest Release.
  • Extract the archive and copy the DLL file contained there in your MusicBee “plugins” folder (the default is “C:\Program Files (x86)\MusicBee\Plugins\”).
  • (Re)start MusicBee.
  • Go to MusicBee -> Edit -> Preferences -> Plugins to configure it to connect to your Subsonic server. You will need to provide a connection method (HTTP/HTTPS), server hostname or IP, port number, username and password.


You will find the configuration section in MusicBee’s “Preferences” window -> Plugins. The minimum information you need to provide is “Hostname”, “Port”, “Username” and “Password”. You can optionally specify a “Path” as well, if your Subsonic server needs one. Otherwise the default “/” will be used. Both HTTP and HTTPS connections are supported. No password is ever sent to the server for security reasons, instead a salted (one-time) token is used to connect and request what is needed.

Please note that the first time MusicBee connects to your Subsonic Server, it will scan through your collection and create a local cache. This operation might take a while (depending on the size of your collection and the network speed) during which you won’t be able to see anything in the Subsonic node. Please be patient. 🙂


Please use the “Issues” section on the Github project page to report any problems. Kindly mention the version of MusicBee and Subsonic Server you’re using.