Setting up an Amiga Cross-Compiler (Windows) part 2

In the previous post, we went through the steps to download, configure and compile VBCC on Windows. It’s time to move on to the next steps. If you prefer to give up and go for the easy route, you can also download my compiled bin folder and use it. These were compiled on 2017-03-02 using Visual Studio 2017.… Read More »

Setting up an Amiga Cross-Compiler (Windows) part 1

This is the Windows version, if you are running Linux or MacOS X, please check my other post about them here. VBCC is an excellent compiler, still actively developed and supports multiple target platforms, including our favorite Amiga (and clones). While the procedure to get it installed on Linux/Mac is rather straightforward (you have to… Read More »

Setting up an Amiga Cross Compiler (Linux/Mac)

VBCC is a great option, since it’s still being maintained and developed. Plus, the executables it produces are usually smaller than GCC’s and comparable to those of SAS/C’s. I’ve noticed that getting it, setting it up and compiling your first program is not as well documented as I would like. So I decided to write… Read More »

Amigula development status

I realize it’s been ages since there was an update on this project, but I just wanted to note that it’s not dead. There was a pause in development due to family reasons, but it has now resumed. The code has been moved to Github, the master branch is the last released version with a… Read More »